Scottish Food And Drinks

Scottish Food And Drinks

If you truly want to experience what Scotland has to offer, you have to try the Scottish food and drinks. Some people even say that this country has the best cuisine in the world. You can thank its geographic location for that.

For one, the Atlantic is nearby and provides the best seafood delicacies. Not only that, the rolling hills and fertile soil provides the freshest and more nutritious produce. Having the best weather contribute to that as well. And for refreshments, well the fresh mountain waters are not only able to quench your thirst, it can also give you a lot of vitamins and minerals in the process.

Of course, the meat is also something else. There is a reason why the Aberdeen Angus beef is known around the world. And who can ever forget the Scottish whiskey? All of these combined will tell you that this country is indeed a haven for all the foodie lovers out there.

The best food and drinks that Scotland has to offer

So what are the best Scottish food and drinks that you need to try out?

Scottish Beef

Did you know that Scotland is the birthplace of the popular beef breeds? If you have tried the Aberdeen Angus, Highland, and Galloway and you liked them – you can thank the Scottish for that. They have mastered the art of caring for cattle so they produce the best beef in the world.


Scottish producers are quite busy when it comes to cultivating berries. To be precise, the raspberries and strawberries from Scotland are some of the best in the world. Every year, there are 22,000 tonnes of strawberries and 3,000 tonnes of raspberries being grown in Scotland every year.


Thanks to the proximity of the Atlantic, seafood is in abundance. The coastline of Scotland gives easy access to thousands of shellfish and fish species. This helps make them one of the major producers of seafood in Europe. It also makes them quite adept at coming up with seafood dishes – with the Atlantic salmon and Scottish lobsters being one of the most sought after ingredients.


Have you tasted Scottish cheddar? If not, then you are missing out on a lot of things. There are dozens of cheese-makers all over Scotland and they produce the best dairy in the world. You can find the major creameries in Stranraer, Campbeltown, and Lockerbie.

Scotch Whisky

This list of Scottish food and drinks will not be complete without this. The whisky coming from Scotland is one of the most famous exports of the country. It is actually sold in more than 200 markets all over the world. In fact, there are 109 distilleries all over the country.


This is actually the national dish of Scotland. It is a savoury pudding that is a combination of the heart, liver, and lungs of a sheep. It is mixed with oatmeal, onion, salt and other spices. This used to be encased in a sheep’s stomach – but modern versions use sausage casing. This is typically served with various accompaniments – with tatties and neeps as the most popular ones.


If you are looking for oat-based products that are not only naturally made but also healthy, then Scotland is the best place for you. From oatcakes to porridge, you will find contentment here. Oatcakes, in particular, are enjoyed as a side dish to dinner – together with cheese and chutney.

This is only a small part of what you can get out of the best Scottish food and drinks. You will understand once you are faced with the sumptuous cuisine that is served in Scotland. If you really want to enjoy the country, you should pay attention to what you will eat and drink.